Taking Action Together

During these challenging times, we are all reminded of how interconnected we are and the responsibility we have to take care of each other and the environment.

The clothing we wear affects the world around us. Katla’s “Butter” hoodie — which is super comfortable, made of 100% organic GOTS certified cotton and manufactured in the United States —is a statement about how we can work together towards a better tomorrow. 

On the back of the hoodie, the old Icelandic saying, “Áfram með smörið” is printed. This expression (literally: “On with the butter”) means, “Take action.” It is a rallying cry for us to come together to help build a sustainable future.
An "action button” on the right sleeve urges the world to take action towards this goal. And a unique tracking number on the left sleeve verifies that people, animals and the environment were not hurt by its design and production.
Together we will get through this extraordinary moment in time. And together we will make the world a safer and healthier place.
With love,
The Katla Team

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