Katla is built on the core values of respect for people, animals and the environment. These values are apparent in how we designed our business model, the fabrics we use and the manufacturers we have chosen as partners. And we don´t ask you to take our word for it: we have built a website that provides complete transparency into our garments, from conception to their arrival at your door. When you buy Katla, you buy for the future.


Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

We order small production runs to minimize wasted inventory. We aim to only manufacture items that will be sold and worn by our customers. Many of our items are made-to-order. We are able to accomplish this through by partnering with cutting-edge, speedy manufacturers.

We design products based on input from our customers. We only manufacture products our customers love and want to buy. We offer timeless, high-quality, lasting garments our customers will keep and wear often.

We take back items our customers no longer want to keep. We cover the shipping and offer a site credit towards a next purchase


We carefully select fabrics with minimal environmental impact. We focus on natural and organic materials. When we use synthetics, we require them to be sourced from recycled materials.

We are committed to a kind approach to animals. This means no leather, fur or silk, and no products derived from mistreated animals


We have partnered with a small group of domestic manufacturing partners in California and Alabama.

We have selected partners who provide good working conditions for their employees and whose processes support our business model of made-to-order and small run manufacturing


We include a unique tracking number on the external or interior label of each item we sell. Customers can input a tracking number on our website to learn about the origins and history of an item.